My opinion on the BTU

I have seen a lot of bad reviews of Better Together. Honestly I agree with most of them though my relationship with the update is love/hate. Recently I have gotten the Xbox One and received the Better Together update, or Minecraft as it shows on the screen. In this post I will go over a few aspects of the game that I hate about it.

The creative items menu

It is so terrible on both Xbox and Pocket Edition. Instead of looking through all the blocks and items you need to click on a little + to see what you can get from that category. It makes it extremely hard to find what you need. Most of the time I have to use the search bar to find the item I need. Though helpful, I hate it.

Putting items in your hot bar – Pocket Edition

Why is it so hard?? You have to press on the item then click the hot bar space. Most of the time I forget and have to look all over for the item again. Pressing on the item and having it move to your hot bar automatically was way easier.


The servers are the worst imo. They are so glitch (Which will no doubt be fixed) but EVERYTHING requires VIP. Go to get a kit? Nope need VIP. Want to play a game? Nope need VIP. I believe these aren’t because of Microsoft and Mojang, just the server owners. There is in my opinion a fine area between wanting to make money from a server and being greedy.

Overall rating

I’d say this update gets a 7/10 for console edition and 5/10 for Pocket Edition

What do you think about the update? Is it worth it or do you wish you stuck with the old version?