Minecraft Lab For Kids


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A while ago we got Unofficial Minecraft Lab For Kids.

It is a family-friendly projects book for exploring, teaching Math, Science, History, and Culture by Creative Building.

This book was written by John Miller & Chris Fornell Scott.

This book is not an official Minecraft book. Nor is it approved or associated with Mojang.

We got it for $22.99 at Barnes&Nobel

         Book contents:

  • Using Your Inventory
  • Textures, Patterns, and Landscapes
  • Timeless Architecture
  • The Arts
  • Game Design
  • Future thinking

In every lab it tells you the time needed to complete, materials, and instructions.  Every lab you complete you can put a sticker badge on the page.

In-game play labs tell you the game mode you need, time needed to complete, what platforms to use, and instructions.

This is a great book for helping kids learn! This book is great for homeschooling or after-school lessons. It comes with picture instructions and help for in game play! In my opinion it is perfect. Some kids may not understand like older kids will, but the book has no age limit (that I know of). But if I was to put one it would be at least 5+.

This book is also VERY hands-on and has tons of information.

Get it on Barnes&Noble.com