How To: Get Minecraft

Getting Minecraft is super easy. I’ll show you how to get Minecraft on several platforms.

How To_ Get Minecraft

| Computer edition |

The first thing you need to do is make an account here. You will only need an email and a password.

Then you will get a verification email from Mojang. You need to verify before you can set up your account.

Now you choose the user name that you use to log in with and display to other players in multiplayer games. You can change your username at a later time if you want. The user name must be unique.

Enter your payment details and click Purchase.

When you have bought the game go to the download page and click the link for the platform on which you’re running.

Download the Launcher and install.

(You CANNOT play on the same account on different computers at the same time. You will need to buy a new account for each computer.

| Xbox & PlayStation |

Put the disk in the console (or buy it in the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Store)

Run game


| Phones & Tablets (Pocket Edition) |

Buy the official app (Developer MojangAB) from your devices app store (Not all devices have Minecraft)